How to Cure Chicken Pox Fast: Best Remedies

How to Cure Chicken Pox Fast: Best RemediesPox to it I say! Ways to cure the dreaded Chickenpox.

Everyone who has a child, and everyone who remembers childhood, knows that at some point in time, your children will get chickenpox. It is almost like a right of passage for children and parents alike. We get it once, and then it is gone.

Just because it occurs only once, doesn’t mean it isn’t an annoying nuisance. So, finding ways to cure chickenpox and reduce their duration are a top priority. We all hate seeing the ones we love feel pain. So lets help them out, and go through this quick list of chickenpox cures.

The most basic is the most important
Getting children to sit still for any reason is impossible. Convincing children to rest, especially when they have chickenpox is a necessity. Bodies need time to fight off the infection. Even if your child is not having headaches or sore throats, remaining relatively still gives their bodies the best chance. Make sure the room is well ventilated, and that it is dark enough to help them sleep.

What to avoid
Besides avoiding activity, there are certain foods that will not help your cure your child of chickenpox. These include foods that are either oily or spicy. These foods do not help because they increase the likelihood of sweating. As the body sweats, the red bumps on the body become irritated and the chickenpox continue.

A positive root
Ginger is known for its numerous anti-bacterial properties and can be deployed in a number of ways. The most effective is to make a drink with ginger and honey to help the immune system. In addition, Ginger can be used to reduce itching. Add two table spoons of powdered ginger to bath water.

Good oils
Where as oily food may be bad, sandal wood oil and vitamin E oil are both great ways to reduce the symptoms of chickenpox. These can be spread over sore and bumpy parts, as well as help heal blisters and reduce swelling.

A good use for a veggie
Many children don’t like veggies, so how about giving them a fun and helpful way to reduce their own irritation? Boil some peas and let them cool. Once cool, mash them up into a paste. Once everyone involved as expended their reserve energy, spread over the sore spots.

When a child gets chickenpox, both the parents and child have to deal with it. So, follow some of these tips, and help reduce everyone’s suffering.

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