How to Get Rid of Bedwetting: Home Remedies and Treatment

How to Get Rid of Bedwetting: Home Remedies and TreatmentBedwetting (enuresis nocturna) is a fairly common ailment that occurs most often in children under five years of age, more often in boys than in girls, and even adults usually after alcohol. Children grow out of it, but parents still need to know the appropriate courses of action.

How to Stop Bedwetting?
Indifference. The child should be commended for trouble-free night but do not punish for wetting the bed, as any comments are unnecessary and only makes the situation worse. Just change the sheets.

Let the child alone change the sheets, so he feels more grown up. Parents simply prepare a rubber washer and a new pair of pajamas for a change. Apply an array of stars and reward in the form of attached stars for the night without wetting.

Alarms responsive to wetting the bed proving to be very effective, but their use requires patience, as they usually are very noisy, and all people in home will be awake. The sound is used for making a conditioned reflex: baby wakes instinctively when wet beds, which eventually results in the inhibition of spontaneous urination on a conditioned reflex, and the feeling of a full bladder is the signal for revival. Most often you will see the first results after two months, and the child is considered cured when the next three weeks not get wet the bed. Doctors usually recommend a mid way children over 7 years.

Strengthening the muscles of the bladder is helpful when the baby urinates quite often during the day. Exercise of improving efficiency of the muscles of the bladder involves tricking your child to drink plenty of fluids (6-7 glasses a day) and encourage the containment of urination.

Don’t give your child diuretic liquids such as soft drinks or caffeine before going to bed,because they stimulate the kidneys to produce urine.

The important role of parents, who need to be patient, understanding and common sense. Children grow out of bedwetting – only 2% suffer from this ailment after reaching the age of puberty.

This method can be used only if you are sure that the ground bedwetting is not a pathology of the urinary tract or metabolic disease. To this end, the doctor performs urinalysis, ultrasound of the genitourinary system and physical examination.

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