How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash: Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash: Causes, Treatment and Home RemediesEasy Home Remedies for Clearing up Diaper Rash
It happens. You go to change your little one’s diaper and his little bottom is blazing red. It can come on with little to no warning and the constant flow of urine and feces keep fueling the irritation.

Sometimes allergies are to blame. Disposable diapers have chemicals in them that some babies may be sensitive to. Other chemicals that can come into play may be from laundry detergents, wet wipes, and fabric softeners. No matter where it comes from, you must act quickly to get diaper rash under control. It will never get better on its own so the sooner you can incorporate one of these home remedies, the sooner your baby will be cooing instead of crying.

While your baby has a diaper rash try not to use the regular baby wipes. Use soft toilet paper to remove the urine and feces and then apply a warm wash cloth with a mild soap. You can dry the area completely with your hair dryer set to the cool setting. This will eliminate all moisture before your close up the diaper.

Don’t put talcum powder on your little one. If you want to put something on their bottoms try a little cornstarch. This item, used for baking, is sometimes added to baby powder to keep it from clumping up.

Do not put plastic pants on over the diaper. Plastic pants are not even necessary with the type of diapers that are available today. But besides that, it just seals in all the moisture and creates a warm environment that is ripe for infection and an even more painful rash.

About diapers: try changing the brand you’re using to see if that helps; make sure you have the right size for your baby; and get the more absorbent diapers even if they are more expensive. Keeping baby as dry as you can is the way to get rid of diaper rash quickly.

If you are going to be home for a while, let baby go without a diaper if you can. The air helps to heal a diaper rash more quickly because it allows the skin to remain uncovered and dry. Once you do get rid of your little one’s diaper rash make sure to take the precautions now to prevent another episode in the future. Change your baby’s diapers as soon as they get wet to prevent a recurrence.

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